Nov 24, 2020

149 You gotta have Faith!

Mikey and Mike too do a sing along....Now Mikey and the Nanny Made a road trip!  Industry news for days@!@

Nov 17, 2020

148 Mike Too Takes a Road Trip!

The further adventures of Mike Too and his Faithful Companion Chet aka Slimer!  Plus Mikey has a party and doesn't invite Mike Too...then the ever popular Industry News!

Nov 10, 2020

147 Weekend Update….and Industry News

All the industry news you can handle as well as the biggest press release in history!!

Nov 3, 2020

146 Ding Ding Round two!

Nothing to report here...just two guys very please with the Love and support from the pubic and the Cigar Community!


We love all our listeners!

Oct 27, 2020

145 Speak Your Truth

Speak your truth....

Been a lot of drama in the cigar industry this week...we take a look at some of Mikeys personal experiences with JB from across the river.

Oct 20, 2020

144 News, Mikey gets into yet another scuffle at Universal

Lots of industry news this week!  Events canceled....cigars coming out...and Mikey may not be allowed back to Universal!!

Oct 13, 2020

143 Mikey fights at Universal

This week its a super event Friday!!  Mikey explain how to get ready for a fight at Universal and all the industry news you can handle!!

Oct 6, 2020

142 Mikey gets no sleep…. Teleconference Cigar Events and a PCA Update

We here what Mikey likes to do instead of sleeping....Teleconference Cigar Events are the new a PCA exclusive update!


All this and so much mire on this weeks show!

Sep 29, 2020

141 We Attack Cuba! Mikey goes on a date? Teacher of the Year!!

This week we plan a drone strike on Cuba...Mikey finally takes his wife to meet Jimmy!  and Mrs. Mike Too is teacher of the year!!!


All this and more!


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Sep 22, 2020

140 FaceBook Clubs……Drunken Voice Mails and A patients comes then shoots the doctor!

More information then you would ever need this week!  Prostate, FaceBook Clubs and Industry News!


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