Jun 15, 2021

178 PCA Exclusives, we have no friends left…Black Star Line Bonus

more PCA Information...Bonus Information and Robert Holt is French?

Jun 8, 2021

177 Half wheel needs help…PCA who’s not going? and the generosity of Uncle Skip

This week we take you to the south of France or South Carolina....

Jun 2, 2021

176 Weasel fest wrap up and a special Cigar Coop bonus show

The guys shower BDP with weaslfest gifts!  a complete weasel fest wrap up! And a Cigar Coop Bonus Show

May 25, 2021

175 Alligators are getting some but post covid males may not be? BDP heats up Tampa

We ponder the thought sbsout Alligators wanting more tail this time of year...post covid males maybe having some ED issues??  BDP was running around Tampa!

May 18, 2021

174 The Road Trip…Mikey goes on a Rollercoaster…..Uncle Skip Tells it like it is!

Uncle Skip Sound drops...Mike Rosales Sound drops...Industry News, industry news..

May 11, 2021

173 Weasel Fest Unboxing, The Germans in the Studio and Jax makes a comeback

We opinion the air the weasel fest 2021 box of cigar!  News with more Accents! and Jax is back!!

May 4, 2021

172 Mike Too starts a new podcast! Jax is a superstar!

his week Mike 2 and Chet Announce the new podcast! We find out that Mikeys Son Jax is a bigger bad ass then his dad and industry news uo the wazoo! And a Special Youtube Only Mike Rosales Interview

Apr 27, 2021

171 Miami Falcons! President Ron DeSantis!

This week we discuss the new Miami Falcons!  Have another surprise call in guest and as always industry news!!

Apr 20, 2021

170 Mike Too Gets Robbed at the Cigar Shop!!

Make sure not to miss this episode as Mike too retells the harrowing ordeal as he gets robbed at the cigar shop!

Also here is the Go fund me for our Cheanno's Nephew



Apr 13, 2021

169 Mike Too Survived! Fire in Honduras and Mikey finally gets it!

We catch up this week with Mikey and Mike too after his illness!  Here about all the events coming up!  and Mikey Finally Understands!  Plus industry news!

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