Oct 12, 2021

195 New Equipment……why no one has us on their shows?

new gear for the show again!  Always upgrading!  Mikey wants to be on someone else's show and they are all afraid of BDP

Oct 6, 2021

194 Alligator Attack and so does Mikey

Mikey fights another old man....Alligator attacks common......Who has the Biggest P!

Sep 28, 2021

193 My Ferret has Covid and Apes gives BJs?

This week Souther Draw is taking on investors.....Ferrets have covid and at The Bronx Zoo Apes give blow jobs!

Sep 21, 2021

192 BDP‘s Birthday Extravaganza!

The best show of the year!  Call ins from your favorite characters!  A first FB live!!  Huge Announcement!!!

Sep 14, 2021

191 Gorillas Press Conference, Big Heist in Miami and PCA increases the roster

More Covid Madness with gorillas!  CLE big Sale!  PCA hires the Intern

Sep 7, 2021

190 Planet 14 One Better, Attack of the Monkeys! Bahama mama

Pot Plants! Moneyes Attacking and Ponce New Size!

Aug 31, 2021

189 Sex Workers, No Epoxy on the Weiner, Nas Cigar

just the usual amount of important information for the listeners

Aug 24, 2021

188 Father BDP, Invisible Sports with Mikey and OF sexy time?

BDP reads his letter from the monastery welcoming him to the Man of the Church!  Mikey Does Sports with a voice?  and OF Maybe no Bueno??

Aug 17, 2021

187BDP Man of the Cloth, PCA Gofundme? He’s a Real Genius

This week BDP get Ordained?  PCA needs 60,000 Mikey is upset he wasn't at the wedding twice now!!

Aug 10, 2021

186 Dinosaur Poop, DE Live Show, No Trip to China

Biggest attraction to hit Orlando is here, The guys decide no to go to Texas and the largest Tobacco Trade Show Postponed!

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